Luxury Skincare Packaging for Avivi’s Facial Serum

Luxury Skincare Packaging for Avivi's Facial Serum

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Welcome back to  Box Talks. Today we're going to talk about luxury skincare packaging done for Avivi. The packaging for the Avivi skin care line has been widely recognized and lauded for the beautiful graphic elements done by MSLK. Avivi is a line of premium toiletry items and skin care products. As with all their products, the aesthetic is a metallized paper with a printed watercolor of some natural element, either a flower, or an insect, et cetera.

This particular package was done for their Hero product, the facial serum. What at first appears to be a basic base and lid in fact is a base lid with an extended edge, which makes opening the package much easier. Inside, there is a foam cut insert to hold the facial serum as well as a board die-cut insert in the lid to make sure the bottleneck stayed in place.

This luxury skincare package is a great example of is the power of your graphics. If you have a strong graphic identity and an interesting print motif, you can take a fairly simple base-and-lid-style box and turn it into a really impressive presentation package. For your next packaging or dimensional brand piece, consider taking advantage of advances in printing technology. Tri-spot gloss, spot-raised UV, matte, or printing on a metal surface, you'll find that a great impact is made with your graphics and your logo when you take advantage of something new.

It's incredibly important with your fragrance or cosmetic product to put forth a very polished presentation. Appearance is everything. If you have a cosmetic or fragrance product and you're looking for well-considered, thoughtful luxury skincare packaging that will best display your product on the store shelves, contact us today. We'd love to work with you.