Environmentally Friendly Packaging for The Vine

Environmentally Friendly Packaging for The Vine

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Hi, welcome back to another Box Talk. Today, we're going to be talking about this environmentally-friendly packaging for The Vine. The Vine is a company from Georgia started by two friends both interested in landscape design and landscape container design.

Their company The Vine does tutorials, workshops, and also has an online retail shop where they sell succulents like this plant and cactuses. They needed a container that was going to be both beautiful so that it could be an appropriate gift box, as well as protect its contents during shipping.

They also have variability with their product. Some of the plants were shorter. Some were taller. And they wanted a box that would accommodate all of the different sizes.

What works so great about this environmentally friendly package with an extended neck is that it creates a little bit of extra friction so that you can hold that lid on, as well as have a seamless edge, as opposed to if this lid were to go over the top of the base, you would have a little bit less sleek of a profile. This box is made with .060 chipboard, which is raw on the inside, which is an appropriate choice for a organic botanical-based company.

Some people might choose to line this box if they wanted to have a pop of a custom PMS or just a color on the inside. But The Vine chose to go with an embossed paper from Ecological Fibers. This is called R70. The Rainbow 70 line offers just an immense color range to choose from. All of their papers are uncoated, which means they're totally recyclable.

And with the variety of embossings that they offer, they have what they call classic embossings and then designer embossings. You can get a beautiful texture, which creates great contrast for a foil stamp and also creates a new tactile feel. If you want to do an unembossed paper, it's going to feel very smooth. This has a slight buckram linen feel.

And yes, they decorated the top with a single-color foil stamp. This base and a lid with a neck tray is a great example of how turned-edge rigid packaging can really elevate a product to the level of a luxury consumer gift. It's made with entirely recyclable materials which perfectly aligns with The Vine's brand mission. And it's simple and elegant.

If you would like to learn more about how you might choose environmentally friendly packaging for your retail product, contact us today.