Custom Media Kit for Kind Bar

Custom Media Kit for Kind Bars

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Hi, and welcome back to Box Talks. Today we're going to be talking about this custom media kit for KIND Bars. What's really interesting about this box, which is just a tray and a three-panel folder, is the choice of digital printing. This entire package is wrapped in digital printing with the exception of the folding insert.

On the outside, you'll see that they digitally printed a wood motif. Right now, we're seeing huge trends in people choosing to print natural materials onto paper, marble, wood, stone. And you see that here. They also chose to use a spot gloss for the "Pressed by KIND", which you can see right there, which creates a really interesting contrast with the background.

They chose to secure the box with a Dual Lock closure. Now when you want a box to close and have a nice sleek profile like this, you have a couple options. You can use Velcro, you can use magnets, or you can use Dual Lock. The Dual Lock is definitely more secure than a magnet.

Inside the box, there's more digital printing with some extra copy on the inside of the folder. They also use digital printing. You have a beautiful gradient.

And again, they chose to do the spot gloss on the lettering. So that just adds an extra pop. Draws the eyes to the important marketing copy.

And then the interior of the box is this folded board insert. What's great about choosing board when you're doing a media kit with limited numbers, I think we only did about 75 of this package is you save on the setup costs associated with vac form inserts or a foam. Not to mention, choosing a board is a more sustainable choice as opposed to plastic or foam.

Also great for this custom media kit is the construction choice. A base and lift-off cover would have also worked, but choosing to go with a panel box and a folder adds the sort of revelatory action of opening this package, which I think adds just a little bit of extra drama to a media kit.

If you are working on a custom media kit or sales kit for a new product launch and you're curious about using turned-edge rigid paperboard, please contact us below. We'd love to work on your project. Thanks for stopping by.