Custom Made Makeup Box for Sam & Nic

Custom Made Makeup Box for Sam & Nic

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Hello and welcome to another Taylor Box Box Talks. Today, we're going to talk about this custom-made makeup box we developed for Real Techniques by Sam and Nic, a makeup company. The tray in a 3-panel design is fairly simple. It's been wrapped in a beautiful pink, somewhat pearlescent cover material that has a slightly soft touch feel. It has one lone gold foil stamp on the lid, announcing the brand. The front has a beautiful ribbon closure. This is a really elegant, standout feature. It's incredibly popular in cosmetics, fragrances, and any specific packaging targeting the female demographic.

When the package is opened, it reveals a beautiful series of gold foil platforms in the base that were specifically designed to hold their entire range of makeup applicators and brushes. The lid opens to reveal an insert on the lid, which is wrapped in the same gold foil as the platforms in the base. It holds a photograph of Sam and Nic, with photo corners also done in the same metallic material. Again, we have some gold foil stamping, explaining to the influencer why they have received this gift and encouraging them to use their hashtag #RTParty.

This is a tremendous example of a custom-made makeup box for the beauty market because of all of the design and decorative choices that Sam and Nic chose. If you would like to work with us to develop an influencer kit for your products or your brand, please contact us today. Thanks for coming by.