Artisanal Glassware Boxes for Pean Doubulyu

Artisanal Glassware Boxes for Pean Doubulyu

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Hi, and welcome back to Taylor Box "Box Talks." Today we're going to talk about the artisanal glassware boxes we did for Pean Doubulyu Glass. Pean Doubulyu have several different lines of functional glassware. Some are called the wonkie tumblers. Some are called the wackie tumblers. But essential to all of them are some organic shapes and really beautiful, vibrant colors.

They wanted to reflect the vibrant colors of their art in the packaging that the art would come in. And they also wanted to optimize the number of variations possible. What's so interesting about this project is that we collaborated with Liz Pannell, of Pean Doubulyu, to select colors that could be used interchangeably. So every base and lid you see here creates a novel color combination that's as beautiful as the next.

We paired that with a simple, uncoated, folded board insert that would hold the four glasses. Together, this made a beautiful artisanal glassware box, not to mention the flexibility of the base and lid pairings meant many different combinations. So no two customers felt like they were getting the same package.

This base and lid with an insert features R70 papers from Ecological Fibers. So these are uncoated. They're made from predominantly recycled materials and are fully recyclable. The only decorative technique that they used outside of the really brilliant color selections was a simple blind deboss on the top.

This artisanal glassware box is meant to both be a gift box and also repurposed in the home. You could imagine somebody saving letters in this or even a really beautiful pair of shoes. If you're curious about a way to use rigid packaging that won't break the bank, consider some of the choices they've made here, such as uncoated paper, simple graphics like a foil stamp or a blind deboss, and making key design choices that will give you flexibility and versatility.

If you're curious about working with Taylor Box on a rigid turned-edge packaging project, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you, and we love to collaborate. Thanks for stopping by.