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Mint Tradition / Mint Tradition
Mint Tradition

We love fellow craftsman and had fun packing this this box for Mint Tradition’s line of premium, hand made in the USA hats with fine features and details.

From a distance, the exterior appears to be flat black, but upon closer inspection, the Black Skivertex wrap material wonderfully simulates a true leather feel, mirroring the high quality leather of Mint Tradition's hats. The textured wrap also lends itself to a black-on-black foil stamp on the lid; subtle and on-trend.

When the box is closed, a thin band of gold around the perimeter interrupts the coat of black and teases at the gilded contents. Gold foil stamping partners with a gold foil paper neck to add a pop of metallic and a sense of luxury.

The gold neck tray is also angled, so when the lid is lifted, the hat sits visibly in the base; this throne effect is a fun un-boxing surprise and is ideal for in-store merchandising.

The back of the base holds and envelope to carry the Certificate of Authenticity, and finally a secret foil stamp in the lid reminds all Mint Tradition hat owners: Respect Your Craft.

Mint Tradition / Mint Tradition
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  • Base and Lid Box with Neck Tray