Taylor Box Company / Direct Mail Holiday Promotion
Taylor Box Company

Every holiday season we send a special package to our network of partners, celebrating the past year and offering best wishes in the year to come. We also pair it with a donation to a philanthropy in honor of our clients and vendors.

This past year, in honor of the National Parks centennial, we created a 100% recyclable box to hold a letter-pressed plantable wildflower seed paper.

This 'Drawer Box,' or Tray in a Slipcase style construction, was made of 100% recycled chip board wrapped in various shades of Rainbow 70 paper by Ecological Fibers. The bellyband, made of 80# text weight FSC certified Curious from Mohawk Paper, provided the 'gift wrap.'

All decoration was accomplished with foil stamping.

Taylor Box Company / Direct Mail Holiday Promotion
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  • Tray in a Slipcase - Drawer Box