Neurometrix / Quell Pain Relief

A Paper Hinged box with identical base and lid yields additional space and elegant symmetry in this rigid box. A packaging redesign for the Quell device from Neurometrix, an medical technology company out of MIT, this retail box needed to communicate information, expertise and value to shoppers looking for a trustworthy pain management device. Outfitted with a custom vacuum formed insert to hold the device and print collateral, the hinged action of the box was fun to open and the hidden lifted panels were engaging. Wrapped and lined with premium soft-touch Mano from Neenah paper, this package felt premium. Finally, the two toned logo was expertly printed with pad printing to achieve the perfectly crisp alignment of white and blue without distracting trapping.

Neurometrix / Quell Pain Relief
  • Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Special Edition, Consumer Goods, Technology
  • 4 Sided Hinged Lid Box