The Vine / Succulent Gift Box
The Vine

The Vine is the creative brainchild of Bryce Vann Brock and Kelly Revels, offering a the blossoming trifecta of Landscape Design services, Event Planning services and a Garden Market with online retail. This Base and Lid with a Neck Tray style set-up package is a simple, elegant gift box for in-store and online succulent plants.

Designed to hold their many variable height succulent plants, this simple box has some hidden highlights.

First, the undecorated base with neck tray can be used as an alternative table-top container for the plant for customers who prefer the classic white to the clear planter.

Second, in keeping with the green ethos of The Vine, this package is 100% recyclable! Furthermore, its made with FSC certified paperboard and paper. Hard for some to believe, but luxury can be sustainable with material choices like Rainbow70 embossed paper from Ecological Fibers.

And finally, the neck tray can be removed from the base and combined with the lid to form an entirely separate Base and Lid package. Modular designs like this can help small businesses amortize the cost of premium packaging across a their range of product offerings.

The Vine / Succulent Gift Box
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