Condé Nast / Client Holiday Gift Box
Condé Nast

Condé Nast is largely considered to be the originator of the “lifestyle magazines”, a type of magazines focused on a particular class or interest instead of targeting the largest possible readership. Its magazines focus on a wide range of subjects, including travel, food, home, culture, and other interests, with fashion the larger portion of the company's focus. More recently, Condé Nast has expanded its offerings to include marketing services and consumer-focused products such as apps and licensed merchandise. Condé Nast International Ltd., which publishes international editions of the U.S. titles, was incorporated in 2005. This division publishes more than 126 magazines and 104 websites, representing 24 markets around the globe. For their holiday, Taylor Box created a package for them to hold a set of their holiday cards to be sent to their partners and clients.

Condé Nast / Client Holiday Gift Box
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