ESCADA / Mother's Day Candle

The print steals the day in this luxe candle box for fashion brand Escada! The European women's designer clothing company released this limited edition Mother's Day candle box with eye-catching print to captivate buyers in store.

The Base and Lid with a Neck Tray style construction features an exterior wrap of all-over floral pattern printed 4-Color Process with a Satin coating on Premier Linen White 70# text, and a simple gold metallic foil stamp. The inverted neck tray is flood coat printed to match PMS. The construction is actually two identical trays that meet flush in the middle using the support of the exposed and inverted diecut neck tray; an economical and stylish construction for the right product.

ESCADA / Mother's Day Candle
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  • Base and Lid Box with Neck Tray