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Happy Family Brands / Happy Baby® Clearly Crafted Media Kit
Happy Family Brands

This elegant and surprising set up rigid box manufactured by Taylor Box Company was designed by creative agency Madwell for their client Happy Family®. A Base and Lid construction with a two piece board insert, this delightful media kit was sent to "traditional media outlets to communicate the transparent sourcing story behind Happy Family's innovative Clearly Crafted see-through pouches." Featuring Mano soft touch paper and Multicolor® embossed paper, both from Neenah, the simple white lid lifted to reveal a bounty of colorful graphics and the products. Print collateral was deftly concealed within the folded board insert, and the base insert secured the Happy Baby pouches to prevent movement during transit. A beautifully designed and executed brand touchpoint for announcing the new product.

Happy Family Brands / Happy Baby® Clearly Crafted Media Kit
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  • Base and Lid Box with Insert