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Taylor Box Company / The Curve Project Kit
Taylor Box Company

Our marketing message to the nation’s design community: think about The Curve as a design element in your next premium packaging project. We invited the design community at the 2012 Boston HOW Design Conference to begin the process with a promotion entitled “The Curve Project”. Designers were invited to visit and then stop by the Taylor Box Company booth to pick up their “Curve Kit” and they did in record numbers; collecting over 1,000 kits in the first 40 minutes after the doors opened. Our invitation to doodle a curve idea using the kit’s contents was equally successful with close to 500 designers putting colored pencil to paper and submitting their creations. Message delivered!

Taylor Box Company / The Curve Project Kit
  • Special Edition, Promotions, Sales Kits, Self Promotion, Marketing Kits, Packaging
  • 5 Panel Folder