Wilson Sporting Goods Company

Tennis Racquet Box Thats A Grand Slam

Wilson not only hit a grand slam with the Play Your Heart Out Campaign but with this Product Launch promotional packaging for Roger Federer's Pro Staff RF97 racquet.

To commemorate the release of Roger Federer’s Pro Staff RF97 racquet, Wilson Sporting Goods came to Taylor Box to create two versions of a custom tennis racquet box.

Two editions of the box were created: the Platinum Edition and the VIP Edition. The intention behind each box reveals a distinct personality and a uniquely purposed packaging experience for each version.

The tray in a 4-panel rigid box style VIP Edition Kit was made in conjunction with Wilson’s “Play Your Heart Out” campaign, developed by the creative agency Farm League. This tennis racquet box contains a cornucopia of swag including a tennis ball-style Bluetooth speaker from hearO, “Play Your Heart Out” vinyl record, an exclusive behind the scenes photo book, and a limited edition Pro Staff RF97 tennis racket. The whole box is wrapped in premium Mano paper from Neenah to provide a backdrop for the breathtaking foil-stamping and screen printing decoration.

The Platinum Edition kit commemorates Roger Federer’s historic 20 Grand Slam titles. The box contained an autographed Platinum RF97 racket embellished with designs signifying each of the twenty titles along with a signed tennis ball used in-game at the 2018 Australian Open. Silk-touch black Nuba paper by Fibermark gives this box a sense of exclusivity, along with the custom inserts that hold the racket firmly in place and the magnetic closure that snaps to ensure a secure fit indicates the overall level of value of the tennis racquet box.

Read more about this project as a feature in the Taylor Box Companies Box of the Month.

Exclusive Packaging Experience for Wilson Tennis

Project Details

Foil Stamping, Magnetic Closure, Custom Foam Inserts

Industry Box Style

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