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Printed Custom Boxes for Flashcards

Anyone who has ever pursued a degree or certification knows just how important flashcards can be - and how frustrating it is to keep dozens, if not hundreds of cards organized. Luckily, there's a packaging solution for that.

Multimedia agency F+W Media developed a series of flashcards for folks preparing to take occupational exams, and Taylor Box made a set of printed custom boxes to contain them.

These base and lid boxes with neck tray-style boxes get their bold decoration from the 4-color print process with nylon lay flat gloss film lamination. The intense colors and shimmery coated paper amplify the graphic design of the box. If there’s one way to make learning exciting, it’s with stimulating packaging design.

Besides exceptional decoration, these boxes feature a custom packaging sleeve, or extended neck tray, to better align the base and lid. The extended neck serves to structurally support the box but also lends an aesthetic touch to the packaging.

Project Details

4-Color Printing

Industry Box Style

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