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Limited Edition LP Custom Slipcase

The power of print and packaging - when exceptional print meets exceptional packaging, the results are bound to be mind-blowing.

This custom slipcase commemorates the legacy of rock legend and counter-cultural icon Janis Joplin. This box released by Joplin’s record label Columbia Records and Legacy Recordings, divisions of Sony Music was made to contain a limited edition set of Janis’s most beloved albums, assembled in one collection for fans and fanatics.

Gorgeous depth of color and graphic texture give an otherworldly feeling to the artwork. Joplin’s silhouette seems surrounded by an ethereal aura, rendered flawlessly in lithographic print. This printed wrap demonstrates the impact of artwork and decorative design when combined with three-dimensional packaging. Rather than absorbing a static image, the experience is dynamic, with beholders able to explore the art from all angles.

A custom slipcase is an ideal box for a box set or collector’s edition package. Contents can be easily accessed without the use of a lid or closure, yet protection and longevity are assured in the rigid paperboard material.

Project Details

Lithographic Print

Industry Box Style

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