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Produced at a limited volume and expertly crafted with luxury features, slipcases like those for Powell's Indispensable Book Club are sought after by fans and collectors of all stripes.

The Burning Girl novel in its custom slipcase packaging was featured as part of Powell’s Books Indispensable Book Club, and included a signed copy.

The novel was featured as part of Powell’s Books Indispensable Book Club, which supplied members with a signed copy of the book, a collectible booklet, a Powell’s Northwest Reader mug, and a custom slipcase box from Taylor Box Company.

This striking piece is decorated with two-color foil stamping to create an elegant silhouette in the form of a single elongated matchstick. The foil stamping is contrasted by the black linen cover material that surrounds the piece, giving the decoration some added pop.

Custom slipcase packaging is an ideal container for special edition books, records, and more.

Project Details

Foil Stamping

Industry Box Style

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