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Custom Book Packaging for Night Circus

This slipcase for 'The Night Circus' is a perfect example of custom decoration making for a completely unique packaging experience in a subscription service.

Powell’s Books is the largest independent retailer of new and used books in the world. In collaboration with Powell’s, Taylor Box created custom book packaging for Erin Morgenstern’s ‘The Night Circus’. This exclusive slipcase was mailed out to subscribers of Powell’s book club, Indispensable.

Every six weeks, members of Indispensable are treated to a new book in custom book packaging from Taylor Box. Though each edition is a slipcase construction, every piece oozes personality all it’s own.

A die-cut window surrounded by silver foil stamping offers a peek at the cover art, making ‘The Night Circus’ itself an essential part of the packaging experience. Prestige suede paper from Ecological Fibers provides a tactile element to the slipcase, encouraging recipients to handle and explore the box.

This durable construction is perfectly suited for hefty collateral such as a hardcover book. A custom slipcase provides an extra level of protection for vulnerable printed works and ensures longevity on the shelf.

Project Details

Foil Stamping

Industry Box Style

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