Cemetery Dance / Stephen King

25th Anniversary IT Custom Slipcase Box

The 25th Anniversary Edition of 'IT' from Cemetery Dance Publications was packaged in its own custom slipcase box that was as memorable of an experience as the novel contained within.

The town of Derry has a dark secret. Every 17 years, a malevolent force emerges from the sewers to prey on its unsuspecting inhabitants. It’s up to a ragtag gang of misfit kids to stop it.  ‘IT’ is one of the most celebrated works of American horror master Stephen King. The novel has been adapted for television and cinema and published in multiple paperback and hardcover editions.

This custom slipcase box is an ideal container for the sizable novel within, offering protection and prominence on any bookshelf. The slipcase was wrapped in Skivertex Sanigal paper, a leatherette material suited for works of literature for its durable structure and distinguished feel.  It is adorned with foil decoration in two separate colors accomplished in-house at our facility.  This artfully designed structure of the box complemented with the foil is the final touch of a comprehensive packaging experience any fan of Stephen King would be proud to own.


Project Details

Foil Stamping

Industry Box Style

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