Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturing Capabilities

With over 130 years in business, Taylor Box Company is the authority on rigid box manufacturing.

Our historic mill building has been renovated to over 55,000 square feet, housing classic craftsman tools as well as cutting-edge mechtronic rigid box wrapping machinery. Whether you need 10 rigid boxes or 10 million, we are the box manufacturing partner you're looking for. 

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FSC® Certified

Rigid paperboard packaging is a great solution if you're seeking a sustainable packaging solution. To demonstrate our commitment to responsible forestry, we have completed our FSC® certification.


ISO 9001 Certified

Quality is our mission at Taylor Box Company. Through rigorous second party auditing, we have demonstrated our quality management practices and are ISO-9001 certified. 


Equipment Inventory

01 Converting

Whether your project is 500 or 5 million, it starts with raw materials which need to be converted. Regardless of scale, Taylor Box Company possesses the necessary equipment to sheet, trim, groove and miter your board and paper to size.  


  •  Polar MOHR Computerized Cutter   w/Heidelberg Jogger
  • Beck 42" Paper Sheeter
  • Parry Paper Mitering machines
  • Emmeci MC64 Mitering machine
  • Robinson Board Corner Cutters


  • 40" Lawson Board Cutter with MicroCut Digital Comp 1
  • Ariemat Euro Board Creaser-Scorer
  • Robinson Single Board Scorer
  • Zhejiang Machinery Board Groover

02 Diecutting

The board and paper die are possibly the most ubiquitous box manufacturing tools for projects at scale, or for unique rigid package shapes such as the Slipcase, which require complex paper wrap forms. Taylor Box Company is fully equipt to complete your project, at scale and on time; our new SBL diecutter can punch through 7000 sheets per hour. 


  • SBL1050 SE Autoplaten Diecutter (30 x 40)
  • Standard Clamshell Diecutter (32 x 44)
  • Heidelberg Cylinder Diecutter (22 x 30.25)
  • Thompson Large Diecutter (32 x 43)

03 Casemaking

Whether it's a four-panel folder or a classic binder, many rigid packaging styles incorporate a wrapped and tipped folder. To make these at scale requires premium equipment, and we have top of the line machinery from both Italian machine makers Emmeci and German innovators Kolbus. Taylor Box Company  possesses the ability to produce large sized laminated folders at scale, as well as being one of two domestic producers with the ability to automate turned-edge curved and angled binders.


  • Kolbus DA260CV Turned Edge Casemaker
  • Emmeci MC2000 Laminator - Casemaker
  • Emmeci MC2001 Laminator - Casemaker
  • Crathern Laminator - Casemaker

04 Box Making

The tray is the essential building block of the set-up box. Two trays make a Base and Lid style box, or a Drawer style box, or even a Base and an Insert. To that end, having a stable of box wrapping machinery optimized for different size and board weight trays is essential for our flexible production capacity. 


  • Emmeci MEB Mechtronic Deep Limit Box Lines (2)
  • Emmeci MC94 Box Wrapper
  • Emmeci MC92 Box Wrapper
  • Crathern "D" Wrappers - Hand Feed
  • Crathern "H" Wrappers – Hand Feed


  • Crathern "B" Wrappers - Hand Feed
  • Customized Limit Crathern Quad Stayers
  • Potdevin-style Gluers

05 Decorating

Though we produce rigid paperboard packaging utilizing a wide range of decorative techniques, the core of our in-house decorative capabilities are in foil-stamping, debossing, embossing, and combo hot stamping. We also possess equipment for streamlining magnetic and other specialty closures.

For any additional decorative needs, including but not limited to, silk screening, lithography, digital printing, pad printing, vacuum formed components, laser cut components, foam components, custom jewelry components, custom cast or stamped metal components, custom plastic hardware, and decorative trimmings, we have a network of trusted vendors and suppliers.


  • Kluge EHE Foil Stamper - Embossers – Twin Zone Digital Heat
  • Kluge EHG Foil Stamper - Embossers – Diecutter
  • Hand Feed K-8200 10 Ton - Deep Format - Kensol Foil Stamping Presses
  • Semi-Automatic 15 Ton Wedge – Rotary Precision Kensol Foil Stamping, Diecutting and Decal Application Press
  • Craft Auto Feed Hinging Machine
  • Foot Press Riveters


  • Semi-Automatic 10 Ton Rotary Precision Stamping - Diecutting press
  • Hand Feed K-185 15 Ton Custom Large Format Kensol Foil Stamping Presses – Bidirectional foil pull
  • Hand Feed 4-ton Kensol Foil Stamping Presses
  • Craft AHM-01 Magnetic Steel Tab Machine
  • MD Knowlton Press

06 Wood Framed

In addition to our large scale and high-volume machinery, we have a dedicated hand department staffed with veteran packaging artisans who specialize in wood-framed luxury packaging, as well as rigid paperboard. These craftsman carry on the tradition of hand making premium boxes and cases, utilizing many of the same tools and methods of bookbinders from the 18th and 19th centuries, as well as top of line wood working tools.


  • Delta Table Saw 10” w/ extension table
  • Delta floor model Drill Press
  • Horizontal Saw
  • Bridgeport Milling Machine

07 Pack Out

At Taylor Box Company, we specialize is premium, design-forward packaging. Unsurprisingly, we often take on projects with many components, which require careful assembly and packing into cartons after production of the individual elements. Other common client needs include fulfillment, a service we provide on a discretionary basis depending on the project specifics.


  • Automatic L-Sealer – Shrink Wrapper (2)
  • Proprietary literature pick and place work cells (2)
  • Polybag fulfilment stations (4)

We have been manufacturing with great partners since 1885

The Perfect Fit

Taylor Box Company is the ideal packaging partner for companies who value quality and innovation, regardless of scale.