How Can We Help You?

General & Location

Where are you located?

We are located at 293 Child Street, Warren, Rhode Island 02885, about 25 minutes driving time from Providence.

Directions from 1-95: Take exit 19 to 195 E/US-6 toward East Providence/Cape Cod. Take exit 2 for MA-136 toward Warren RI/Newport RI. Turn right on RI-103 W/Child St. Destination is on your left, the large white mill building!

Are you really 'Made in the USA' or do you have a factory offshore?

Taylor Box Company is truly made in the USA; our sole production facility is located on Child St. in Warren, Rhode Island.

We do not have any facilities offshore, nor do we broker offshore.

How long have you been in business?

Taylor Box Company is over 135 years old, founded in 1885 by Clarence Taylor. Learn more about our history here.

Who do you do work for?

We work with a wide variety of brands, trade partners, designers and agencies from across the United States, United Kingdom and Europe. This includes work for major brands such as Nike, HBO, The Whitney Museum and Swarovski. See more of our portfolio here.

Do you have representation in my area?

We service clients across the country, ensuring great outcomes with our well-trod project development process.

We are represented in the metro areas around Philadelphia, Washington D.C., New York City, New Haven, Boston, Portland M.E., and Providence, and frequently travel to Chicago, Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.

If we can't come to your city, we would love to host you in Rhode Island for a tour of our facility. If you'd prefer to partner remotely, learn more about our project development process here, or contact a Customer Service Representative.

Are you hiring?

Taylor Box Company is always looking for talented team members passionate about premium packaging. See our open postings here.


What does 'design-manufacterer' mean?

Taylor Box Company is a unique packaging partner in that we have both an in-house structural design studio as well as a 55,000 square foot cutting-edge production facility.

We work with first time packaging buyers who require an entire design development and prototyping prior to production, as well as seasoned capabilities buyers who present us with a project specification and dielines.

Learn more about our design studio here.

I am a designer or agency; will you work with my client directly?

Yes. We are happy to work in concert with your or directly with your end clients to reduce administrative burden and mitigate communication errors.

I am a broker or packaging producer; can I contract jobs or components to you?

Yes, Taylor Box Company often partners with brokers and other packaging producers who require our unique production capabilities, including automated box wrapping for larger and oversized trays, automated folder lamination and wrapping for curved and angled panels, a highly skilled hand-made department, etc. 

Learn more about our manufacturing capabilities here.

Will you sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

Yes, we frequently work on sensitive projects requiring confidential treatment and will happily accommodate your privacy needs. 

Do you do fulfillment?

Taylor Box Company provides fulfillment services on a discretionary basis. Factors include timeline, volume and complexity of the fulfillment needs. In the event we cannot be of service, we are happy to connect you with a fulfillment partner.


Can you create a custom package design for me?

Yes. We have seasoned packaging design consultants and a robust structural design studio ready to help you select a style, dimensions, board, wrap and decoration method, and refine it you your exact needs.

However, we do not provide graphic design services; if you require a logo design or other two dimensional designs, we may be able to refer you to a graphic designer.

Do you charge for design?

Design development is part of a production engagement, and therefore we do not have separate charges for design when you choose to partner with Taylor Box Company.

Can I get a prototype of my box?

Prior to production, we will create an undecorated prototype that we will send to you free of charge. You then have the opportunity to test the sample and confirm the design is correct, or inform us if changes are needed. This sample is must be signed and returned to us for quality control before we begin production.

If you require decorated prototypes, or a sample for your own internal use, or if you're design is exceptionally complicated involving many components, we will charge for the prototype service. The cost of the sample will depend on the size, materials, and complexity of the design.

How can I get a sample?

We can send out samples of past projects, let us know what style or construction you are looking for and we would be happy to send those along to you. We also design and manufacture approval samples for your order after a purchase order is received.

Can you send me samples?

Yes, once we have determined the type of package you are interest in, we will happily mail you samples of previous custom work we have done that is analogous to your project.

I really just need something simple; do you have any stock designs?

No. Taylor Box Company is a 100% custom manufacturer. We do not have any stock boxes, and every design is customized in its details, scale and materials for your special project. If you are looking for a stock solution, we recommend Uline, which can be branded with a sticker or label from Avery WePrint.

Do you offer graphic design services?

No. We do not offer graphic design services at this time.


What are your lead times?

Our typical lead time is 8-12 weeks after receipt of Purchase Order and approvals. However, this lead time fluctuates depending on the production load. If you have a hard delivery date, be sure to discuss this with your Project Manager or Customer Service Representative. 

What is your production capacity?

Taylor Box Company has cutting edge automated box-wrapping and case making equipment from Ememci and Kolbus, empowering us to accept large scale orders. We have produced packaging runs in the millions of pieces.

What are the minimum and maximum sizes you can produce?

Minimum and maximum dimensions are dependent on the relationship between the length, width and depth of your package, and the board sheet size. Therefore, there is no set minimum and maximum size for manufacturability; often, it is not a matter of if we can produce the desired size, but how will will produce it. 

Are you ISO-9001 Certified?

Yes. At Taylor Box Company, we take quality very seriously. To demonstrate that commitment and ensure our entire organization understands and adheres to the best practices for quality management, we undertook the ISO Certification and completed it in August 2018. 

What materials do you use?

We are a paperboard packaging manufacturer, producing packaging primarily with chipboard, vat, SBS and Eskaboard. We also have a premium wood-framed offering using bass wood.

All our packaging has a wrapped exterior. We use box wrap paper, from simple uncoated beater dyed paper, to coated and embossed specialty wraps, from many suppliers. We also have a variety of printed substrate options, bonded leather, linen bookcloth and more.

What is your machine inventory?

You can find a current list of our machine inventory here.


How do I get an estimate for a box?

All our packaging is 100% custom. In order to generate a project quotation or estimate, we must first design the package, route it through our production processes, and source material quotes. This process usually takes 3-5 business days on average* after the structural design has been approved by the client.


*While this is the typical time-frame for estimates - if a package is very complex, it could take longer.  Your project manager should tell you an estimated time frame for receiving your quote.  If you would like to get a ballpark of what rigid packaging may cost, please read our blog post on the cost of custom.

What is your minimum order?

We do not have a unit minimum, but rather an order value minimum of $10,000, which does not include the cost of dies, plates, tooling, and setup.

How do I proceed if I want to order?

Once you have received and approved your estimate, your Project Manager will request an undecorated sample which we will send to you for approval. 

You will also receive our New Client paperwork packet, which includes a credit application, our Terms and Conditions, and a freight carrier form. Once you complete this paperwork, you will submit it along with your Purchase Order, a signed and circled copy of your estimate,  your signed approval sample, and your deposit.

Billing & Shipping

What are you shipping tolerances?

We default to a 5% under and 10% over shipping tolerance. What this means is, unless specified, Taylor Box Company will ship and bill for as little as 95% of the total order volume, or up to 110% of the order volume. If you desire an exact quantity, this must be stated in the Purchase Order. 

What are your payment policies?

Prior to ordering materials and scheduling production, we require a 50% Deposit on the total order value, as well as 100% of tooling and prep charges.

We accept payment by check or electronic payment.

We also require all new clients to complete our New Client paperwork packet which includes:

  • Credit application
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Freight carrier form

You may or may not have to complete a resale certificate depending on your business.

Can I pay by credit card?

No, we do not accept payment by credit card. We accept check and electronic payment.

Can you ship to my location?

Yes. Taylor Box Company ships all goods F.O.B. (freight on board) from our facility in Warren, RI.

This means clients are responsible for arranging their own freight provider and paying that provider directly, and that the client assumes ownership of finished goods upon collection. Taylor Box Company is not responsible for any damage that may occur during freight transportation. 

Can you help me find a freight provider?

Yes, we are happy to recommend a freight company to new clients who don't have a preferred freight provider.


Is your packaging environmentally friendly?

Taylor Box Company is FSC® Chain of Custody certified, giving you peace of mind that we are a partner in the responsible farming, production, processing, and converting of paper and paperboard products. As far as rigid packaging goes, paperboard is one of the most environmentally friendly substrates available. If you’d like to learn more about this, we wrote a blog about it here!

Do you use recycled materials?

Our primary board, brown chipboard, is made from 100% recycled fiber, meaning your package will be predominantly recycled content by weight (generally +80% of weight is board). We have a wide range of recycled fiber cover materials and are happy to work with you to achieve your recycled content goals in your packaging design.

Are your boxes recyclable?

In short: depending on the design. Paperboard structures wrapped with uncoated cover stocks, even those decorated with foil stamping, are still 100% recyclable. If you choose to add magnets, certain coated materials, foam or plastic inserts, etc., you will produce an end product that is not recyclable.

If a recyclable package is your end game, let us know up front so our designers can choose a box style and materials to meet that goal.