Custom Design

Custom Design

Whether you have a fully rendered concept or require a complete package concept development, Taylor Box Company has the packaging design knowledge and material fluency needed to achieve the perfect structural design, every time.

Design Philosophy

The Taylor Box Company design philosophy is simple, but not easy: make it the best we can for the individual client. We regularly work with everyone from a local candle start-up with two employees, to a Fortune 500 corporation with its own in-house design team. Given this myriad clientele, we have become adept at tailoring our design service to accommodate our clients unique needs. 

To that end, we endeavor to first articulate your design priorities, understand your packaging challenges,  and work within your budgetary goals to produce a package design that will not only succeed in the marketplace, but be manufacturable within your individual parameters.

01 Collaboration

Every successful design process begins with empathy. Our first task is to understand our client's goals, their challenges, and tap into the opportunity at the core of their "problem".

At Taylor Box Company, your project will be given a dedicated Project Manager and Designer who will work in concert to ask the necessary questions to get at the root of your vision. They will collaborate with your creative resources, be it your graphic designer, art director or in-house packaging creative, to produce the optimal design solution.

02 Material Fluency

Packaging is a complex physical product composed of many different materials, and the rigid paperboard packaging material offering is always expanding. Our Design studio is well-versed in both the range of materials available to you for your project, as well as their varying strengths, weaknesses, and budgetary implications. This institutional knowledge translates into less headaches for you, and more value in your package.

03 Prototyping

Never fear that you will place an order on faith alone; every project that passes through our Design studio is subjected to physical testing in the form of a physical prototype. Sometimes there is just one prototype. More often, it is an iterative process that refines the concept until the physical reality becomes the conceptual goal. We will send you an undecorated prototype for your own testing and approval prior to production to ensure proper quality management.

04 Technology

We understand the importance of time, and the frustrations that can occur in a design collaboration. To expedite our design process, and ensure we are compatible with your own design resources, our Design department is fully equipt with a suite of cutting edge engineering and design tools. 


  • ESKO Artios CAD
  • Kongsberg Plotter Cutter
  • Adobe Creative Cloud


  • SolidWorks
  • TOPs Carton Volume CAD
  • HP DesignJet Wide Format Printer

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