Sustainable Packaging

Stewarding the planet is a responsibility we take seriously. Learn how partnering with Taylor Box Company can help you achieve your sustainable packaging goals for your rigid packaging.

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FSC® Certified

We are FSC® Chain of Custody Certified. What does this mean? Clients and their consumers can be confident that their paperboard packaging was produced using only materials that were responsibly managed, every step of the way.

FSC License Code:  FSC-C140950



Made in the USA

Our domestic manufacturing operation reduces the carbon footprint of our packaging through the application of lean manufacturing principles, which reduce waste, and reduced shipping carbon, by keeping it local.


Closed Loop

Recyclability is a huge advantage with paperboard. Not only do we return all our recyclable scrap to the paperboard manufacturer to be turned into new paperboard, but across the board, 75% of paperboard packaging is recovered for recycling (compared to just 14% of plastic packaging).


















01 Reduce Waste

At Taylor Box Company, we employ lean manufacturing principles on our production floor to reduce wasted material, energy and labor.

This sustainable packaging approach to manufacturing is both economically and environmentally sound, and translates into better value for our clients,  and a better work environment for our employees.

02 Recover Material

Every year, we return thousands of pounds of paper and paperboard waste to the paperboard manufacturer to be converted into new board. 

Further, our most popular packaging substrate, chipboard, is made from 100% post-industrial and post-consumer waste.

03 Reuse or Recycle

As your great-grandmothers hat box will attest, rigid paperboard packaging is built to last. It has been the standard in premium packaging for over a hundred years, and continues to inspire collectors and dedicated consumers to hold on as keepsakes or re-purpose.

If reuse isn't a priority for your packaging design, plan a productive second life for your rigid package. Our designers will assist you in creating a completely recyclable package by recommending cover materials, insert materials and decorative techniques approved by most MRFs. 

Sustainable Packaging is the New Design Standard

At Taylor Box Company, we believe good design considers environmental, economic, and social impact. Take a look at our previous work to see how we can create beautiful rigid packaging while achieving sustainability objectives.