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On a rocky point of land in Newport, Rhode Island, where the open Atlantic Ocean is fast-flowing and pristine, Tami and Matthew Mullins found a way to share their love of the sea with the world. After plenty of trial and error and harvesting gallons upon gallons of fresh ocean water, the couple perfected a consistent method of extracting wonderfully flaky, briny, and all-natural sea salt.

The slow, meticulous process is based on the craft followed by generations of producers along the coasts of Sicily and France. The resultant pure sea salt, rich with trace minerals and robust flavor, is the heart of Newport Sea Salt Company. The veteran and woman-owned business is a natural outcome of Matt’s 20-year career as a U.S. Naval officer and Tami’s culinary expertise. 


With Newport Sea Salt’s close proximity to Taylor Box, both companies knew that designing a gift box would be an exciting opportunity to collaborate on a “hometown” project. Both the product and the packaging are made in Rhode Island. 

The team at Taylor Box worked with Newport Sea Salt and Misi Narcizo of Lakuna Design to create a package that would be simple enough to both complement and highlight the natural colors and beauty of the product. The culmination of which is the Newport Sea Salt 3 Jar Gift Pack. 

In keeping with the natural sourcing of the product, the packaging is constructed with recyclable White Vat Board and Rainbow uncoated paper in Midnight to match the brand’s colors. The white foil logo is equally simple and classic, in support of the three .75 ounce glass jars. While inside the box, a white SBS board provides a clean insert to keep the cork-topped bottles separate and forward facing. 

The Newport Sea Salt 3 Jar Gift Pack is a true reflection of the product’s origin along the coast of Rhode Island, where the deep colors of the ocean hold beauty and wonder.

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