Box Of The Month: Award-Winning Tequila Packaging for Cincoro

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What do five NBA team owners, tequila, and luxe packaging have in common? Quite a lot, believe it or not! When preparing to launch their Extra Anejo tequila, the team at Cincoro needed the packaging to mirror the ultra-premium spirit. These five titans know a thing or two about winning. And with the launch of their Extra Anejo tequila, Cincoro sought a trophy case fit for its trophy. Speaking of trophies, this tequila packaging for Cincoro was named the 2021 Rigid Package of the Year by the Paperboard Packaging Council.


Enter, Oliver Inc., a powerhouse in the packaging and printing industries. Oliver reached out to Taylor Box to collaborate on this premium tequila packaging. The brief was clear: create packaging that will make an impact with influencers in and around the sports arena. With a strong vision from Oliver and the custom packaging expertise of Taylor Box, this five-sided masterpiece was born. award wining tequila packaging

Multiple components make up the uniquely shaped packaging. The five-paneled exterior and main tray of the box are constructed from ESKA board and wrapped in Corvon Mano from Neenah. The Cincoro logo adorns the exterior of the packaging in a foil-stamped process. The step-and-repeat logo wraps around the box via raised spot UV printing by Oliver. Sleek magnetic closures allow the box to open from the midpoint, revealing the tequila bottled nestled on an acrylic stand from Precision Laser, heat bent by Schofield. A solid blackboard from Newman, lined in embossed gold foil, creates the wow factor interior of the packaging. A sturdy e-flute corrugated board from Unicorr makes up the top and bottom of the box.


cincoro tequila packaging

It’s hard to miss the nod to the number five in this project. First, the brand name Cincoro, a company founded by five NBA team owners. Then the subtle yet repeated agave leaf pattern featuring five leaves. Finally, zoom out and realize that the eye-catching five-sided box surrounds the luxe bottle of spirits.

Foil stamping inside Cincoro tequila packaging

Working on this project was a true collaboration among vendors, designers, brand representatives, and packaging experts. The result is a cohesive, stunning, and memorable package fit for a premium brand like Cincoro.

Cincoro Tequila spot UV on sleeve


This package truly takes it to the next level.  Are you seeking a package that will stand out and capture the attention of anyone who lays their eyes on it?  Talk to one of our packaging experts.

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