Box of the Month: Angel’s Ink from Wente Family Estates

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Wente Family Estates needed custom wine packaging to launch their latest wine brand, Angels Ink, in a way that would mirror the new brand’s essence of individual expression and free spirit. But at the brand’s launch, the world was hunkering down amid a global pandemic. Wente knew that this launch would require creativity, agility, and persistence - all specialties of Taylor Box.

Front lid and cover of a Custom wine packaging for Angel's Family Estate

Wente holds the distinction of being the longest continuously-operated family-owned winery in the country. Their wines are all grown and sustainably farmed in their Livermore and Monterey estates, which are managed by fourth and fifth-generation family members.

Their latest brand, Angels Ink, launched in the Summer of 2020, during a time when travel was limited for many wine buyers and sales force. It was clear to Wente that a custom wine package gift set was the ideal way to drive intrigue while introducing this new brand directly to VIP buyers.

Close up of foli stamping on a custom wine package for angel's ink


It was essential that the gift set, containing Angels Ink wine and a custom-etched Yeti wine tumbler, be packaged intentionally, in a way that reflected the brand’s call to “Let Your Spirit Soar.” A clever addition to this custom wine packaging was a luxe gilded pen, a subtle nod to the brand’s namesake. In Medieval history, “angels ink” was a type of calligrapher’s ink infused with red wine and used in important manuscripts.

More than a simple brand introduction, this custom wine package revealed a luxury premium experience, encouraging the recipient to take a moment out of their day and embrace a new adventure.

Inside lid of custom wine package for Angel's Ink

Constructed with a recycled Black Chipboard from Newman Paperboard, the base and lid exude intrigue and suspense leading up to the unboxing moment. The exterior lid is embossed with gold foil wings by Infinity Foils. The interior lid is lined, continuing the brand’s angel motif. The wine bottle, custom-etched Yeti wine tumbler, pen, and collateral nestle in luxuriously soft, Sim-U-Vel-flocked foam from Universal Foam.


Wente used a custom shipper from Heritage Packaging Solutions, who designed a sustainable shipper that intentionally eliminated the need for any bubble wrap or excess packaging, supporting the brand’s stance on sustainability.



Wente successfully launched the Angels Ink wine brand by bringing an experience to its buyers in a time when much of the world had shut down. A first-time collaboration, Taylor Box worked tirelessly with Wente’s Marketing and Project Management teams to keep this custom wine package project on track, navigating unprecedented challenges with freight shipping due to the pandemic.



Taylor Box Co.'s account executive/project manager worked extra long hours to ensure that the freight carrier pick up occurred as scheduled.

Anna K Olide, Wente Family Estates

Photo of the collateral in the Angel's Ink Custom Wine Package


We look forward to more projects with Wente Family Estates and, in the meantime, will pour ourselves a glass of Angels Ink!


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