Box of the Month: Scotties Multi-Sensory Sales Kit

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A Marketing or Sales Kit is an excellent way for brands to create a memorable and impactful experience without having to be there to present physically.

In our current times, this type of packaging is an excellent alternative to an in-person meeting, or as a way to get your product or brand in the hands of individuals you want to get in front of and make a great first impression.

Our award-winning design engineers worked with the creative team for Scotties brand tissues and Keno Graphics to conceptualize and manufacturer a dynamic marketing and sales kit that would soften the noses and the hearts of those who received it.

Created in 1955, Scotties is one of the most recognized brands of facial tissues for as long as most of us can remember.  Whether whimsey cartoon characters, modern geometric designs, or jewel tones printed on the packaging to match your decor, Scotties creates a tissue that suits the diverse styles and needs of its customers through multisensory experiences.

When we don't feel well, we crave the things that comfort us.  When we have the sniffles, sneezes, or sadness, it's no secret - we reach out to Scotties.  In fact, one of their slogans is "Give Comfort, Get Scotties".

This product launch campaign was developed to be sent to buyers for big box stores and showcase the tough but triple soft tissues.  To do this, they created a sales kit which promoted the tissues that are strong enough for the nastiest of colds, but soft and gentle on your face.

This tray in a five-panel folder style rigid package has a 3-Dimensional embellishment of the Scotties logo that is not only eye-catching but adds a bit of mystery to the unboxing experience.  Hidden inside the 3-D logo is the magnet that helps to keep the front panels closed securely.



The box exterior is wrapped in 4-Color offset printed graphics that require skillful alignment across the front opening panels. It took expert craftsman to make sure this package was correctly manufactured. The wrap is coated in a soft-touch laminate that ties everything in and outside of this box together to create a soft, tactile experience.

When the front panels open, they reveal a custom insert with three trays that hold a super soft hat and scarf, a warm pair of sox, and a box of Scotties triple soft tissues – all the things that will comfort you during the cold & flu season.

It’s no secret that Scotties and Keno Graphics developed one truly exceptional sales kit, and Taylor Box is proud to have been a partner.


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