Box of the Month: Hudl Focus Video Camera Box

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Video is everywhere. We watch it on social media, our TVs, and even use it to chat with friends and family.

But for some, video is more than just entertainment. When you’re the coach of a high school basketball team or a star player in a professional franchise, it can help you level up your performance.

Hudl Focus is a revolutionary smart camera that automatically records and uploads high-definition game and practice film, giving teams better video and simpler processes.



Filming Crew in a Box

The state-of-the-art recording device easily mounts in gyms and stadiums and offers real-time ball tracking and Livestream capabilities.

To package the camera, we developed a large, customized base and lid with a neck tray box and loaded it with special features to protect the equipment and optimize the unboxing experience.

The base and lid are mitered with an angle for a snug fit and a unique design element.  Rather than matching the flat edges of the box together, the panels are die-cut in dramatic slants that create a jigsaw-like fit. This unconventional technique adds a modern touch, aligning with futuristic packaging typically associated with electronics and technology.

The box base is wrapped in a black Corvon Mano material and the cover in a white Corvon Mano, both from Neenah Papers and silk-screened by our partners at Schofield Printing.

Secured For Even the Roughest Terrains

Hudl Focus is made of numerous precision calibrated electronic parts, and as much as we believe in the strength and integrity of our custom boxes, a rigid paperboard box couldn’t provide enough protection alone (especially when it’s being shipped all over the country).


So we added dense foam inserts designed by Taylor Box Company and manufactured by our partners at American Foam. The lid also contains a secondary foam insert that sits on top of the equipment, providing extra security and cushioning on all four sides of the camera.

Built For A Trip Around The World

Finally, a custom mailer was designed and manufactured to ensure every camera arrived at its destination in style and safety. The initial production included a standard-sized corrugated box and a full truckload of bubble wrap.

It wasn’t earth-friendly and didn’t provide a unique unboxing experience, so when Hudl Focus returned for a second production run, we agreed on a more sustainable and cost-effective mailer.

We created a corrugated cardboard mailer with a floating air cell insert that acts as a shock absorber, helping the product float amidst movement and bumps.

In the end, the improved mailer protected the product, was cost-effective and sustainable, and significantly improved the unboxing experience.

This custom box embodies the best aspects of protection and presentation and is perfectly suited for a product like Hudl Focus.


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