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With global challenges in the headlines, it’s time to reconsider the advantages of American manufacturing.

At Taylor Box, we’ve been making premium and luxury paperboard specialty rigid boxes in the USA since 1885. In that time, we’ve built indispensable relationships with industry-leading clients, optimized our manufacturing operations with cutting-edge packaging technology, and declined invitations to move operations overseas; always keeping our manufacturing in the United States.

American Manufacturing Means:

  • Our materials are sourced from American suppliers first and foremost
  • We have no offshore facilities, nor do we broker offshore manufactured products
  • From design to manufacturing, all steps of the box-making process are accomplished by talented professionals at our facility in Warren, RI
  • We provide our clients with competitive advantages by keeping operations in the USA

Here are a few reasons to choose American Manufacturing:


Developing custom packaging is no piece of cake, but when working with an American manufacturer like us, the pain in the process is minimized. A given packaging design can undergo several iterations before a final version is decided upon. With our design and manufacturing operations down the street as opposed to halfway around the world, complex packaging projects requiring design collaboration, transfers of knowledge, and expertise to facilitate improved design and manufacturing outcomes is easier and more reliable.


One of the most appealing advantages of American manufacturing is shorter lead times. Our production is usually a slim 4-6 weeks from final approvals.  If your project needs to happen faster, expedited production is available upon request.  Revisions needed for your order prior to production are made easily and in a timely fashion. With a domestic partner, communication is easy, adjustments are made with agility and this happens in days rather than weeks compared to weeks when working with overseas companies. Working with us will compress your timelines and get your ideas, products, and service offers to market quickly allowing you to respond more rapidly to fast-moving opportunities.


It’s also worth mentioning that the unit price of your packaging doesn’t reflect on the full cost of purchasing offshore.

  • Domestic shipping point to point in the continental United States is always going to be less expensive than shipping from overseas suppliers
  • Time is money and domestic delivery arrives days from production, not weeks
  • Imports are subject to duties and tariffs
  • Supply Chain Integrity means that you won’t have to implement expensive work arounds when global supply chains are broken by international disturbances

Brand values

It’s clear that there is real change coming to consumer behavior in the form of increased environmental, workplace, and economic awareness of the brands they favor.

  • American consumers are concerned with sustainable manufacturing practices
  • The carbon footprint of purchasing offshore is substantially greater
  • Ordering from a US manufacturer can be better for the planet
  • For environmentally-conscious brands, choosing packaging made in the United States is imperative to their product’s environmental credentials
  • Packaging made in the USA is governed by American Labor, OSHA and Environmental laws – enough said!
  • American workers pay taxes here as do the companies they work for, benefitting the communities in which they operate


Operating in the US gives us a big advantage that you won’t get from buying overseas; great domestic relationships. Whether it’s our long history with trusted supply partners or our phenomenal customers, we value the personal connections we make with our clients. We get to know the people who work with us and take tremendous pride in working with them to solve their packaging problems. That means being dependable and trustworthy. From start to finish, we want to deliver the best outcome for your box project and we won’t cut corners or sacrifice quality to achieve it.

ISO 9001: 2015 Quality & Oversight

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We provide oversight and quality control that you can count on. Programs like ISO which ensure quality manufacturing practices and OSHA compliance providing employee safety is always a top priority. As an ISO 9001: 2015 certified manufacturer, you can count on a consistent Taylor Box quality product made at an OSHA compliant clean and efficient facility.

In summary, there are plenty of reasons to choose specialty paperboard packaging products made right here in the USA. Benefits like quality assurance and agile production timelines make a strong case that partnering with an American manufacturer will provide you with a competitive advantage in today’s marketplaces.

When you combine the growing concern for environmental responsibility, worker safety, and the speed of development and manufacturing with the importance of brand authenticity and a desire to keep jobs in the USA, American manufacturing is the right choice.

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