The Story of Great Packaging: Taylor Box on How Life Unfolds

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packaging designer ken byrne and senior business analyst marken shedd compare packaging design at taylor box company

We like to say that packaging tells a story. A great box, like a great story, has a beginning, middle, and end. It guides us to the contents within and builds anticipation along the way. It tells us everything we need to know about a brand; their values, audience, and aspirations- all from the design of the box.

At Taylor, our packaging tells more than its own story, it tells the story of all the people who made it. It’s not apparent at first, but our story is told in the craft and quality of every box we make. It’s a story about generations of box makers growing the business. It’s a story about craftspeople doing great work day after day. How Life Unfolds is determined to find stories like ours all over the American paper and packaging industries.

The Story Unfolds

We’ve been long-time fans of the How Life Unfolds campaign. The Paper and Packaging Board initiated How Life Unfolds to encourage the use of paper products and to increase demand for paper-based packaging. Since its inception, How Life Unfolds has developed into a comprehensive resource for all things paper and packaging from How It’s Made videos to DIY projects to savvy business tips. After years of admiring their exceptional content, we were thrilled for the opportunity to be featured.

And so, the talented team from How Life Unfolds came down to our shop to film an exclusive feature.

In terms of storytelling, we knew there was one box in our repertoire that told our story better than almost any other.

Fantastic FootJoy Footage

The focus of the feature was our Award-Winning FootJoy StaSof Presentation Kit. This box represents not only the quality of our work but the value of packaging as a vehicle for storytelling. (You can learn all about the story behind this stellar collaboration here.)

Along with some gorgeous footage of our operations in action, How Life Unfolds put the spotlight on Senior Designer Ken Byrne and Senior Business Analyst Marken Shedd who provide expert commentary on the process behind the box. Ken and Marken share indispensable insights into the value of paper as a medium of storytelling. Take this quote from Ken about the versatility of paper packaging, for example:

“We have some customers that are very environmentally conscious…Then we have other companies—cosmetics are a good example—where things are glossy, high-finish, polished…Paper tells both of these stories well.”









The storytelling possibilities of paper and paperboard packaging are tremendous. Thanks to How Life Unfolds, we were not only able to tell the story behind this box, but also to share our experience and expertise as makers of brand-defining packaging.

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