Joya Studio Custom Candle Box for Renaissance Hotels

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We make a lot of base and lids. It’s the most common rigid box style, and despite the limitless custom capabilities of our shop, this standard construction remains among the most popular on the market. It’s the box that most people associate with boxes, related to holidays, birthdays, and luxury purchases. Although the base and lid has seen its share of iterations, clever design and emerging technology have kept this box style relevant. Just take a look at this custom candle box made to present a handcrafted candle by Joya Studio for Renaissance Hotels.

Joya to the World

Joya Studio is a renowned designer-manufacturer of artisanal fragrances based in Brooklyn. Their expertly engineered scents are available to be enjoyed in a variety of mediums including perfumes, soaps, and candles. A sense of artistry and craft is evident in everything Joya makes. Each product is steeped in a strong aesthetic with a handmade, bespoke quality in every facet.

Joya’s celebrated candles have been adapted for all sorts of creative purposes – from movies to video games – and the creativity inherent to the studio manifests in even the most dignified domestic pieces. Renaissance Hotels needed an inviting fragrance for their rooms complete with a gorgeous luxury vessel, so Joya designed a custom candle intended for guests of Renaissance Hotels as well as for purchase in their hotel store. The Shiso Tea Candle was hand-poured in its own unique ceramic vessel, a deep black polygonal object that exudes elegance.

To present this stellar Shiso scent, Taylor Box created a one of a kind custom candle box. Using the base and lid design as the basis of the packaging, a few structural and decorative choices transform the most common rigid box style into an expressive branded package dripping with a personality all its own.

Foiled Again

The most remarkable feature of this gift box is without a doubt the foil stamping. The Renaissance Hotels logo presides in the center of the lid, accentuated by a slew of silver spilling off the edges of the box. Silver foil cascading over the sides of the lid makes for a dynamic decoration. Elegant energy radiates from the box, captivating beholders as the comprehensive silver foil coverage catches the light. This foil stamping is more than a decorative accent, but the basis of the visual identity of the packaging.

custom gift box, black candle box with silver foil stamping
Comprehensive foil decoration on both the base and lid

As the lid is removed, the foil stamping design persists onto the base. Silver rays of foil are aligned perfectly between the two separate box components. Herein, we see the staying power of the base and lid design. With slight modifications to the proportions of the standard base and lid design, a distinct packaging experience can be created. The dimensions of the candle are accommodated with a telescoping lid to ensure a constant, sturdy seal. And though it goes without saying, the dually decorated base and lid make this box completely unique.

A Quality Custom Candle Box

Rainbow paper from Ecological Fibers was used as the wrap for the box. This serviceable paper is a versatile option useful for many different styles of packaging, but here, Rainbow is appropriate for its rich, dyed-through color and its durable material structure. After all, that foil stamping needs a contrasting backdrop to make the luminous silver really pop off the packaging. The fact that Rainbow is some of the most environmentally-friendly paper stock on the market does nothing to compromise the astounding, consistent product – proof that sustainability does not have to come at the cost of quality.

The quality base and lid construction of this box indicates the value of the product. While folding cartons can make a wholly appropriate container for a candle, the structure of a folding carton is more reminiscent of a compulsive retail purchase than a luxury gift. A rigid box creates that coveted gifting/unboxing experience for recipients regardless of its contents. And when the contents are a sensory indulgence as decadent as a Shiso Tea Candle from Joya Studio, the experience is unforgettable.

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