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FootJoy StaSof Sales Kit custom packaging experience with StaSof glove Velcro closure

A properly fit golf glove is as important to your game as using the right club or golf ball.  FootJoy, the #1 Glove in Golf, has been the choice of more golfers than any other brand since 1983, providing the perfect grip that won’t slip or compromise your swing, using the highest quality materials that provide the ultimate comfort and control.

This year the #1 Glove on Tour introduced a new version of the all-new StaSof golf glove – the ultimate in tour-proven performance.  The StaSof franchise has been preferred by more than 800 of the world’s best players for over 35 years, providing golfers optimum soft feel, unmatched performance grip, and exceptional moisture management.

If you were offered something that was softer, felt better, lasted longer and was terrific in all conditions, would you want to learn more?  That’s why we teamed up with FootJoy to develop the StaSof presentation kit, providing a unique opportunity to feel and experience the product for yourself.


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Don’t Judge a Kit by Its Cover

At first glance, it’s hard to imagine just what’s inside this box. The appearance of the closed kit is striking all on its own, but the exterior is downright demure compared to the phenomenal design within. FootJoy Senior Graphic Designer Steve Cranshaw is behind the astoundingly creative concept and exacting design of this piece. Our best boxes start with inspired design, and Steve and the folks at FootJoy gave us plenty to work with.

When we open this box, we might expect to find a featured product supported by supplementary collateral- print materials or some branded swag- with a box of StaSof gloves nicely organized in a die-cut foam insert. We expect the packaging journey to end when we open the box.

But this box isn’t an open and shut case. This is a true packaging experience that evolves as the box is explored.

The briefcase-like presentation kit is wrapped in Metallics Black Diamond Weave from Neenah Papers, relaying a feeling of exclusivity and prestige. The carbon fiber-like surface looks like something out of James Bond and feels as clandestine as it does professional. It’s a mysterious and evocative-looking case. Our only clue to the contents is the FootJoy logo is foil stamped on the front panel of the box, made all the more sleek by the textured paper surrounding it.

footjoy, stasof, titleist, packaging design, taylor box

The Packaging Experience Unfolds

When the box is opened, we’re met with a compelling suite of graphics. The 4C digitally printed wrap is treated with gloss layflat film lamination for an extra lustrous effect that’s not only visually remarkable, but makes handling the box a tactile pleasure. If you’ve never tried a StaSof glove, you can’t help but be enticed by the imagery. The digitally printed wrap provides the fundamentals of the StaSof mantra, from comfort to craftsmanship.

footjoy, stasof, titleist, promotional packaging, taylor box


“#1 Glove in Golf. #1 Glove on Tour.”

Right away, the printed copy makes a bold statement about just what kind of product this is. But FootJoy doesn’t want you to take their word for it. Along with some convincing copy is a sample of the supple Taction 3 APL Leather that goes into every StaSof glove.

A thumbcut at the top of the upper panel invites us to interact. When we pull at the thumbcut, the upper panel lowers down, and we’re met with the next phase of the packaging experience.

On the reverse side of the vertical thumbcut panel, we get some impressive stats about the history of StaSof. It’s a fantastic introduction to this phase of this packaging journey, but the cue to continue exploring this presentation kit is about as clever as it gets.

footjoy, stasof, titleist, promotional packaging, taylor box, presentation kit

Glory of the Glove

An actual Velcro closure from StaSof is fitted over the digitally printed panels of the box. So, to get to the contents of this presentation kit, we must interact with the product itself, blurring the line between product demonstration and packaging experience. The Velcro strap blends seamlessly into the packaging design thanks to the pristine digitally printed graphics.

It’s also worth noting that from a design perspective, this phase has an entirely different unboxing action than the previous one. Whereas the first phase opens vertically, this phase opens horizontally. It’s a simple thing, but that sort of variety makes the packaging experience significantly more dynamic.

footjoy, stasof, titleist, packaging design, taylor box

After unlocking the Velcro closure, we arrive at our destination, the product. And here, another invitation to interact and experience this superior product firsthand. FootJoy challenges you to test the performative limits of their product with a provided spray bottle and golf club grip. Don’t believe that StaSof can maintain a perfect grip when waterlogged? See for yourself.

The horizontal panels which were fixed shut with the Velcro closure are dually decorated on the opposite side. The cabinet-style doors open to add some personality to the design- or rather, personalities. On the left, some of the world’s best players that choose StaSof. On the right, 2013 Masters Champion Adam Scott, who has been wearing StaSof his entire career.

footjoy, stasof, titleist, promotional packaging, taylor box, presentation kit


Presentation Kit Perfection

This incredible presentation kit is, of course, a credit to the brilliant designers behind it. But we need to give a big shout out to our tireless, champion Hand Department. This was one of the more involved projects for the Hand Department in recent memory. The complicated, multiple facets of this box could not be properly achieved by our automatic casing machines and completion was dependent upon hand assembly. This box quite literally needed a human touch.

Taylor Box is peculiar in that we utilize both cutting-edge, state-of-the-art packaging technology and time-honored, old school manufacturing techniques every day. There are box-making techniques at work in our shop that have not changed since we opened our doors over a hundred years ago. There’s just no better way to do it. The unsung heroes of our Hand Department demonstrate their mastery of that knowledge through this intricate box.

Few boxes exemplify the idea of a “packaging experience” better than this, or at least, few have such an involved, multidimensional packaging design. If packaging experience tells a story, this is Pulitzer prize material. Not only does this box effectively guide us to our intended destination, it builds a story, invites us to interact, and keeps us guessing along the way. Not to get too boasty, but apparently, we aren’t the only ones to think so.

Accolades and Awards

The FootJoy StaSof sales kit was awarded two PINE Pinnacle Awards: Business to Business Marketing Campaigns and Presentation Folders: 4 Colors or More. This project also won a Gold Award from the Paperboard Packaging Council (PPC) for Outstanding Achievement in Packaging.

But the most prestigious honor came from Printing Industries of America who recognized our work with the coveted Premier Print Award for Promotional Campaigns: Business to Business. This competitive award represents the highest achievement in the print industry and is often called “the Oscar of print”.

With outstanding partners like Acushnet Golf, creating the best possible packaging is a sure thing. Leveraging the power of packaging to tell a story and demonstrate the value of StaSof gloves all at once, it’s no wonder this stunning sales kit turned out to be one of our best boxes ever.

If you’re looking for the best packaging experience for your customers, get in touch with us today!

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