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At Taylor Box, we’re proud that our premium packaging is made in the USA. Being an American manufacturer in this day and age is a tremendous point of pride, and we’re crusading for the quality and craftsmanship inherent to manufacturing in the United States. We’re proud of being American manufacturers, but there’s another part of our identity that’s just as important. That’s being Rhode Islanders.

Rhode Island gets a peculiar mix of attention. While it seems Providence (and the rest of the state, by extension) is getting plenty of praise lately, we still feel the shadows of our bigger East Coast siblings looming over us. We’re the certifiable epicenter of the American Industrial Revolution, but also the sketchy backdrop of the Crimetown podcast. Great beaches, terrible roads. It’s a complicated mix that might easily cause some to look to Boston or New York for their professional needs.

It’s easy to overlook Rhode Island. But it’s a mistake. Innovation, creativity, and craft dominate our little state. And if you’re looking for an example, you can’t do much better than a company that’s changing the shape of modern boating right here in the Ocean State.

Siren Marine is a revolutionary boating technology based in Newport, RI that’s wowing seafaring Americans nationwide. Using the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect digital technology to physical objects, Siren Marine offers a complete real-time diagnostics system for all types of vessels. The Siren Marine System can detect leaks and breaches, measures battery life, and gauges optimum temperature for operating. Siren Marine also offers a security system which alerts boat owners of intruders and a GPS tracking service to safely traverse the water, highlighting restricted and dangerous areas to avoid.

But here’s the kicker: All of these features are consistently monitored through cloud technology linked to a mobile app, notifying the user of any problems the instant they occur. The Connected Boat. It’s the sort of modern technology that’s been phasing into the automotive industry for years, but hasn’t made the same universal transition to boating. Siren Marine is a game-changer, and as fellow residents of the Ocean State, we were proud to make custom electronics packaging for a suite of Siren Marine products.

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We manufactured retail packaging for about a dozen individual Siren products from the Bilge Pump to the Battery Sensor. The aqueous coating combined with an exceptionally eye-popping designs from Siren Marine including real product photography, infographics, and a well branded logo at multiple points in the design makes for a competitive packaging experience on par with any electronics device you might find at the big name stores.

But we were also given the opportunity to engineer electronics packaging for Siren Marine’s flagship products, the MTC Device and the MTC+2; the innovative technology which makes the Connected Boat possible. These boxes exemplify the craft and quality that you’ve come to know from Taylor, from decorative techniques to bespoke materials.

Each of these kits are wrapped in a shade of Rainbow Paper from Ecological Fibers, another Rhode Island manufacturing stalwart. The electronics packaging features some of our famous foil stamping to round out the visual appearance of the box, allowing the brilliant Siren Marine logo to shine. And for a kit of this caliber, a little decoration goes a long way.

siren marine, packaging design, electronics packaging, custom box, premium packaging

A custom foam insert emphasizes the product within, protecting each MTC device as much as it draws attention to it. The foam lining is an assurance not only in protecting the the devices and the corresponding accessories, but it’s an investment in the satisfaction of Siren Marine customers.

Finding that your purchase has been given sufficient attention in packaging is an indicator that quality is important to the brand you’re buying from. It’s likely that if a brand has invested their resources in the challenge of custom packaging design, that extra degree of consideration probably also manifests in other aspects of the business. Siren Marine could have chosen to house their products in stock, run-of-the-mill electronics packaging, but they opted for custom-made Rhode Island boxes instead. That speaks volumes about the kind of company Siren Marine is.

siren marine, packaging design, electronics packaging, custom box, premium packaging

We work in the smallest town, in the smallest county, in the smallest state in the Union. Maybe we have a bit of a chip on our shoulder about it. It’s easy to be counted out and passed by when tininess is the locus of your identity. But for those of us who live and work here in the Ocean State, we know that we punch well above our weight class, a scrappy flyweight with knockout power on par with the big boys. It’s businesses like Siren Marine that reinforce that belief. There are incredible people and businesses all over Rhode Island, and being a Rhode Island manufacturer, we’re lucky enough to get to work with them.

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