Custom Packaging Solutions for Shear Saver

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Custom Retail Packaging for Shear Saver

Nobody likes dull. You do your best to fight the boredom waiting in line at the Post Office. You stifle an exasperated sigh as it becomes clear that your date isn’t quite as interesting as their Tinder profile lead you to believe. You try not to lose it when your trusty paring knife can’t slice through so much as a stick of celery. When things get dull, it’s not just disappointing, it’s frustrating. You want sharp, punchy, and bright. Not dull.

Every day, thousands of salon professionals combat dullness in their work. Every snip of the scissors brings blades a little closer to losing their edge, and dull shears make cutting hair more difficult and inefficient. To rescue shears in danger of going dull, Razor Edge Systems developed Shear Saver, a sharpening tool made specifically for use in the salon industry. They came to Taylor Box to make their inaugural packaging, and so, we devised two custom packaging solutions catered to the needs of the product.

Custom Retail Packaging for Shear Saver

Shear Genius

Shear Saver is a revolutionary product from Razor Edge Systems created to sharpen salon-quality scissors to utmost precision. Blades used by butchers and barbers alike undergo regular sharpening, and Shear Saver provides that same opportunity to salon professionals in a convenient handheld product tailored to the specific maintenance needs of hair-styling shears.

When shears get dull, the choices for sharpening are limited. Most salons are forced to send their scissors away to be sharpened; a costly and time-consuming process. That no longer has to be the case. This innovative product allows shears to be honed with a few simple snips. Shear Saver conserves time, effort, and even prevents injury with its reusable and compact design.

This Tray in Three-Panel Folder Box is a supreme example of a modern rigid box; spare, functional, and sleek. We worked with Razor Edge Systems to devise two custom packaging solutions for Shear Saver in this style.

The tray in folder style is a worthy alternative to the standard base and lid box. And we love our base and lid boxes. But a tray in three-panel offers some distinct advantages depending on your packaging needs. For starters, a tray in three-panel is one concentric piece; you can’t separate parts of the box, so misplacing the lid is out of the question. This style of box is sleeker in appearance, concealing exposed edges that are visible in a base and lid design.

The only decorations to speak of are the foil stamped Shear Saver logo on each side of the lid. A more reserved decorative approach allows for some serious spectacle when it comes to revealing the product itself. With minimal decoration, the product is emphasized as the centerpiece of this packaging experience.

Custom Retail Packaging for Shear Saver

Custom Packaging Solutions

As always, our reliable packaging partners are featured in this box. Corvon Black from Neenah Paper covers the surface of the box, and sturdy¬†Eskaboard composes the material structure. Described as “the ultimate soft touch”, Corvon is a supple paper material that demands to be held. Hands and fingers easily glide effortlessly across the surface of the paper, adding an inviting tactile reward to the packaging experience. As delicate as the box may feel to the touch, durable Eskaboard keeps things structurally sound.

As with many trays in three-panel folder boxes, magnets are embedded in the box to ensure a tight seal. A magnetic closure is one of those packaging elements that are not entirely apparent at first glance but has a huge impact on the packaging experience. A magnetic closure provides an opportunity for beholders to interact with the packaging, the slight sense of resistance when opening the lid evokes security and protection and informs the user that this is not an average box.

Custom Retail Packaging for Shear Saver

A Die-Cut Above

The Shear Saver itself is an artfully designed product. Its distinct shape couldn’t be accommodated by a one-size-fits-all box. So, we at Taylor Box engineered custom packaging design solutions to resolve the dilemma.

A custom foam insert is perhaps the most crucial aspect of this box. Made specifically for Shear Saver by our friends at American Foam, the foam insert was die-cut to precisely fit the product, as well as a pair of shears, for two different iterations of this packaging design. Consider the amount of customization that this box actually involves. There really isn’t another handheld product on the market like Shear Saver. The recessed areas of the foam had to be die-cut in a completely unique shape.

Foam prevents material from bumping around inside the box, but it also adds a presentational quality to the piece, amplifying the presence of the product.

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What are the advantages of a custom packaging design for a new product? For one, you can put the emphasis on the product in a way that isn’t as feasible with packaging in more saturated markets. The shear sharpening market is fairly compact compared to say, sneakers or snack food, and so from a design standpoint, the packaging can afford to be laser-focused on the product at hand. It’s as much about what’s included in the design as what’s left out.

Shears shouldn’t be dull and neither should packaging. This box is proof that you don’t need all the bells and whistles to a create memorable, well-branded packaging experience. Perfectly executed foil stamping immediately imbues a sense of quality. Lush Corvon paper provides a tactile rush along with Eskaboard, and magnetic closures assure security. It’s sharp, precise, and anything but dull. Taylor Box has the capabilities to design and manufacture custom packaging solutions that fit the needs of your brand.

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