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Taylor Box Company prides itself on bringing real value to our partners,  and that means both beautiful packaging and a smooth development process from start to finish. Whether you have a fully articulated packaging concept or simply a product and a budget, we at Taylor Box Company will address your specific needs and endeavor to provide you the best possible service.

To that end, we have assembled our most common questions regarding the design, engineering and manufacturing of custom paperboard packaging


Frequently Asked Questions


Why set-up boxes?

Rigid paperboard packaging is an inherently premium medium to present your product, service, idea or message. Turned edge packaging enhances the image and value of the product it contains, can serve as attractive point of purchase display that attracts more attention then other forms of packaging, and can even be of greater value than its contents if the function is marketing or a client gift. Regardless of industry or intent, the endless combination of cover materials, construction styles and decorative methods will provide you flexibility and creativity to manifest your tactile and high impact presentation piece.

What are the boxes made of?

Taylor Box Company manufactures rigid paper boxes using a variety of chipboards and paper wrap materials, as well as wood framed cases and boxes. The basic components of a rigid box consist of paperboard, a cover wrap material, and glue.  The choice of board determines the strength and rigidity and is determined by the intended use and desired appearance. We offer board in a natural chipboard color, black, and white, the weight of the board varies depending on the contents of the box and typically ranges between .040 point and .080 point.

We can easily source foam, injected molded plastic, PVC and other materials for custom inserts, but do not manufacture those elements in house. If you are looking for plastic, glass, corrugated or flexible/folding boxes, we do not manufacture these types of packaging; we recommend or as great sources for suppliers and design.

Are there any standard sizes?

Everything that Taylor Box Company produces is custom, and sizes can range from as small as 1-11/16” x 13/16” x ½” to as large as 27.5″ x 16.75″ x 11.7″ for rigid boxes.

Are there any standard styles?

Again, everything we make is custom and we love the opportunity to conceive something new. To get some ideas flowing, take a look at our Constructions gallery here.

How can I get a sample?

We are happy to send out samples of past projects; let us know what style or construction you are looking for and we will send those along to you. We also design and manufacture approval samples for your order once the Quote is approved and in budget.

Do you have a minimum order requirement?

Yes, we require a minimum order of $2,500 for first time runs.

What is the general lead time?

Our general lead time is 4-6 weeks from receipt of Purchase Order, approval sample, artwork, deposit, etc. Some projects could take longer depending on project requirements.

How is shipping handled?

All shipments are F.O.B. our factory in Warren, RI.

Do I need to know about packaging?

No, we are your full suite design-engineer-manufacturer of custom packaging. You don’t need a prototype or even a drawing, and we can still work with you to make your vision a reality.


What We’ll Ask You

To ensure your project is a success, take a look at the following questions and try to answer them before we begin development. If you don’t know the answers, alert us during your consultation and we will do our best to address them as soon as possible.

1.     What size box do you need?

Box size is Length x Width x Depth. *Measuring hint – The basic rule of box dimensions are as follows:  place the product on the table sitting the way it will be placed in the box.  The length is left to right, the width is front to back, the depth is from the table top to the ceiling, and the lid height is how far down the lid will cover the base.* 

When measuring an existing box, keep in mind that all measurements are based on the inside dimensions, from score line to score line and be sure to include the depth of the lid. If the box is to hold specific contents, a sample of the product will ensure proper fit and is encouraged to have on hand during the engineering process.

2.     What style are you looking for?


3.     Are you looking for a specific color or material for the inside and outside of the box?

In addition to various printing options, we can provide swatch books of different cover wraps for your consideration.

4.     Will there be any decoration?

Foil stamp, emboss, deboss, silkscreen, etc.

5.     Are the wraps going to be printed?


6.     Any inserts?

Foam, board, plastic, etc.

7.     What is your budget?  

Perhaps the most important question to consider when entering into a custom project. We can make your package as luxe and complicated as you can imagine, but we want to be sure to design something within reach. Consider what you’re comfortable spending so we can be sure to give you what you’re looking for.

If you have any specific questions not listed here, please don’t hesitate to call Julianne Lefebvre (401-628-0227) Julie Passey (401-628-0206) or Krista Slaiding (401-628-0235)


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