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HOW Design May 19th-23rd in Atlanta, GA


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Image courtesy of HOW Design Live

Taylor Box Company stands proudly at the intersection of manufacturing and design. Given our varied customer base and breadth of capabilities, we could spend every weekend at a different conference, but then who would make the boxes? We have to be discerning and spend our time wisely.

In the ever expanding market of professional conferences, we find HOW Design Conference distinguishes itself, year after year, as the nexus of design leadership, creative innovation, and brand expression—and a TON of fun!

To quote our President Dan Shedd, “We live in a time when brands are ubiquitous, and awareness is at its zenith. Brands have a story to tell to a global audience and that voice needs to be heard (and seen) above the competitive din.”

Why HOW?

As presentation packaging design-makers, our focus is to convert the immutable essence of our clients’ brands into 3-dimensional forms and experiences.  To be successful partners, it is of critical import that we remain abreast of how brand expression is evolving.

The HOW design speakers and exhibitors help us accomplish that goal by keeping us informed of material innovations from Neenah and French Paper, workflow improvements from Adobe and the newest trends in typography, just to name a few.

HOW also provides a superior platform for thought leaders to share their ideas on the future dynamics and synergies of design. What can designers learn from scientists and nature? What can 3D designers learn from mobile apps? What can web designers learn from toy designers and cartographers? It is this cross-pollination of content that makes HOW a rich, memorable experience and a catalyst for professional growth.

But we don’t just go to HOW to learn; we also go to share our work with the design community!

Our custom-premium-paperboard packaging is a singular subsector of the massive packaging industry. As a unique resource, we are always happy to hear folks express their joy at having found us – the proverbial needle in a haystack. We are bringing samples of our work: projects simple to complex, basic to super-premium; packages for products or ideas; keepsake packages, fully sustainable projects and production runs from 5 to 500,000. So, stop by to see and feel the voice of packaging designed to tell stories, influence people and build brands.

When you come to the HOW Conference this year stop by booth #742. Members of our Sales, Project Management, and Design teams will all be there to give you a glimpse of what working with Taylor Box Company means, spitball ideas with you, show you our 2015 PPC Best in Show award-winning package, and tell you how we can amplify the voice of brands you work on.

See you in Atlanta!

– The TBC Team


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I saw you guys at HOW Design Live 2016 and I was curious to know how easy it is for you guys to give plant tours using VR. Are people able to walk through or just see a section of the plant?

Is this an easy process for set up for your customers?

I enjoyed seeing your boxes in person!


Liana Charles

Hi Liana!
Sorry for that delay— busy summer in the box shop.

We used a recently released social media app called Splash which allows users to capture 360* photospheres with video elements (if you get the app, our name is Taylor Box, you can find us!).
This allows viewers to see single rooms in the factory, but with machinery and craftsmen actually moving.

Splash is free and super fun– check it out.
If you will be at AIGA in Vegas next week or AdobeMAX in San Diego, drop by our booth and we would love to show you the tour!


Taylor Box Company

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