6 Steps To Wedding Invitation Boxes That Make Your Guests Swoon

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Wedding Invitation Boxes

The only design checklist you need: debut your big day the right way with custom wedding invitation boxes

In case you didn’t know, everybody loves a good wedding. From the day your wedding invitation boxes go out, your guests are anticipating the chance to be part of your happy day. If the popularity of television shows like ‘Say Yes to the Dress’ or ‘Four Weddings’ weren’t indicative of the wedding craze that has captured the zeitgeist, than these numbers should convince you: the average US wedding costs $30,000, collectively forming a $51 billion dollar industry that employs roughly 800,000 people! BAM! This is a big deal people!!

It is, therefore, no surprise that in this burgeoning market, brides and wedding planners are looking for new and exciting ways to set their event apart and above the rest. Here at Taylor Box, we’re doing our small part by taking invites to the next dimension- the 3rd dimension!

Wedding Invitation Boxes

Introducing totally bespoke wedding invitation boxes by PortfolioBox, the premium presentation packaging department at Taylor Box. Here, wedding invitations are no longer simply folded paper in an envelope, but interactive presentations.

Give your guests a preview of the venue with a small gift tucked alongside your important RSVPs and itinerary inside a custom Tray in 5 Panel Folder style invitation box.

Build anticipation with a custom Three-Panel Folder, perhaps wrapped in the same fabric as your gown, or with custom-printed paper to match the china at your reception.

Write your love story or introduce the wedding party in a bespoke printed booklet or wire bound notebook.

Get technical with a tablet presentation of the event that doubles as a guest present.

For 10 or 1,000 we can make sure each of your guests receives the same fantasy invite. Need custom mailers? We’ve got you covered. The opportunities are literally endless­­: if you can dream it, we can make it. So, to help you narrow your selection we’ve come up with this design checklist covering all the important bits. If you can answer these questions in this order, you’re ready to call us at 1-(401)-272-9490.

Taylor Box Wedding Invitation Boxes: The Design Checklist

1.)  Price Per Person

Ahh yes… the much-dreaded budget! We know it’s no fun to dwell on the brass tacks, but it’s important we know what you can spend because we want to give you everything you want, without the pain of showing you something out of reach.

If your budget is on the trim side, we can rein it in with simple elegance; or if you’re ready to make it rain, we’ll throw the dazzle at you. And, of course, a $4,000 stationary budget will go a lot farther for 40 guests than 400, so how’s that guest list looking? 

Help us help you: the clearer your budget, the more detailed our samples and estimates.

wedding invitation boxes

2.)  The Stuffing

What do you absolutely need to have inside this thing? Again, let us know what is necessary and sufficient, and we can add more if the budget allows. Are you planning the classic cocktail of invitation + RSVPs + reception card? Are you including a weekend itinerary or wedding program? Menu cards? Is there a gift or dimension memento? An iPad with a photo album of your relationship? We know some Event Planners who can go there and beyond.

Why is this so important? Because what is held in your wedding invitation box will determine the possible shapes. See below!

3.)  Construction+Function = Construnction

Ok, so “Construnction” isn’t a real word yet, but it is real important for wedding invitation boxes. We have many different shapes and structures to start with, and some accommodate a greater mass than others. If your wedding invitation boxes only need to hold paper goods, any style of Folder may work; if you’re including a coffee cup from the shop where you and your hubby had your first date, you may need a Deep Tray with a Panel Lid.

Also, consider the mood you’re trying to set for your special day: a destination wedding somewhere exotic may warrant an invite with many different folds and layers to create a feeling of discovery­; maybe you want your invite to serve as a keepsake so a simple style would better serve your purposes.

Once we know the shape, things really start to get rolling.

wedding invitation boxes

4.)  Dream Theme!

To narrow down your wrap materials, it’s important to have a theme. It can be explicit– “Rodeo in Brooklyn”- or a single word- “chic”– but it helps to zero in. With everything from custom digitally printed paper with soft touch coating to Japanese silk, to fur or real wood, the materials of your invitations will be informed by the theme of your event.

You wouldn’t wear a ball gown to a potluck, so what kind of day will yours be?

wedding invitation boxes

 5.)  A Little Bit a This…

Decorative elements! We love the bells and whistles (we can actually use bells and whistles if that’s what you’d like) so what did you have in mind? Foil stamping on the lid? A beveled plaque with hand inked lettering? A ribbon closure? Magnetic closure? A jewel clasp?

The devil is in the details.

6.)  Postage

After this gauntlet, there are only two considerations remaining: Do you want us to mail it, and, what would you like us to mail it in?

You did it! You made it to the end! Now, gather your notes and call us at 1-(401)-272-9490 so we can start to make your vision a reality!


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