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Petra Nemcova's Candle Assortment "Be The Light" Assorted

We know most people don’t think about custom candle boxes. That is until they find a really nice one, and you know it when you find it. You pick up that candle, and the packaging is just perfect. The box is beautifully printed, the texture is appealing, and the candle is safely tucked in.

There isn’t just one box that meets these aesthetic needs, either. A good candle box can come in a variety of forms. One creative approach to the candle box comes from Cosabella, who we worked with to design a romantic getaway in a small package. The package includes an exotic candle smoothly tucked underneath a small compartment holding lingerie.

But beauty comes in different forms. Calvin Klein opted for a streamlined, sleek design for their candle box. The hard edges stand in contrast to the soft-touch fabric and simple design of the box, creating a classic look with a classic feel.

Escada went with an offset print design. The luxury clothing design company holds its signature candle in a beautiful base and lid box. The floral print on the box really makes the gold foil logo stand out from the crowd.

Classy is the first word that comes to mind for Be The Light’s rigid base and lid box with foam insert. The gold foil stamping on this candle box brings to life the classic world map and hints at the travel-inspired scents within.

It’s not every day you get to make a candle box for royalty. Sir Elton John and David Furnish opted for a simple base and lid designed to fit the specific dimensions of the aromatic candle within. Don’t be fooled though; the simplicity of the box makes a perfect canvas for the wonderfully vibrant colors you would expect from one of the greatest musicians of our time.

Clearly, we’re excited about the many different and creative ways a simple box can become something so much more. With these candles, these boxes become gateways to a sensory experience. They hold promise and adventure. They hold light and warmth. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy making them.


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